Arrêt pilule acné : éviter et traiter l’acné hormonale après cette contraception

Stopping the pill and acne: how to avoid and treat hormonal acne after this contraception?

Are you worried about developing acne when you stop taking the pill ? Are you afraid of seeing your skin burn and spots multiply on your face when you stop using this contraception ? You are not alone! Better yet: solutions exist for this side effect feared by many women.


In this article, you will better understand the causes of this hormonal acne , and discover natural ways to treat it . Thanks to The Cosmetist , say goodbye to post-pill pimples !

Why can you get acne when you stop taking the pill?

Understanding why you may have acne when you stop taking the pill is crucial to being able to anticipate and best manage this skin problem which affects many women.

The Effects of Birth Control Pills on Your Body and Acne

Taking the pill has many effects on your body. One of them is not the least: it disrupts your hormonal cycle .

You must first understand that your sebaceous glands naturally produce sebum. Present in the right quantity, this element helps keep your dermis hydrated . It is when for reason X or Y your body starts to produce in excess that acne manifests itself.


However, certain hormones are known to stimulate these sebaceous glands. This is the case for androgens like testosterone . Present in too large quantities, they can therefore be the cause of an overproduction of sebum which leads to an outbreak of spots . This is why we talk about hormonal acne .


But what is the role of the pill in all this ? In fact, it acts by releasing synthetic hormones which will replace those naturally produced by your body. Result: many individuals are artificially regulated with this method of contraception , even though their cycle was originally not regular.


How does this work in practice? Some pills, including combined estrogen pills , lower your testosterone levels. Result: your sebaceous glands regulate themselves, which limits the risk of pimples appearing and your dermis flaring up.


But these effects being artificial, stopping the pill is unfortunately often accompanied by a return of acne ...

The effects of the pill on the body

Understanding hormonal acne when stopping the pill

Stopping the birth control pill can therefore cause a hormonal imbalance , because your body will start producing the hormones it used to produce naturally again. Among them: androgens, including testosterone, known to promote excess sebum, and therefore cause acne breakouts .


This phenomenon is called the rebound effect . During this transition period your skin gets used to these fluctuations which can cause spots to appear. Although often temporary, this rebound can be frustrating and affect your well-being.

Understanding hormonal acne

How long does this rebound effect last?

Fortunately, the post-pill rebound does not last forever! However, its duration varies from person to person. Likewise, it may take more or less time to manifest itself.


In the majority of cases, the return of acne occurs in the first months after stopping contraception . These pimples can appear anywhere, but you will most often find them on:

  • Your face
  • Your neck
  • Your back
  • Your chest.


To calm this rebound, you will actually have to wait for your body to eliminate all of the synthetic hormones . For this, allow 2 to 3 months . Then, you will need to give your brain time to adapt so that it can recreate its connection with your ovaries, cut off due to contraception. This period is generally 6 months to 1 year , and varies according to several criteria (lifestyle, environment, etc.).


When you stop taking the pill, your body goes through a period of adaptation . You must give it the necessary time before expecting an improvement in the quality of your skin, but also a disappearance of other symptoms that could have appeared (hair loss, drop in your libido, etc.). The main thing is to be patient. As a bonus, you can also adopt certain beauty gestures that will help you get through this phase and regain healthy, glowing skin.

Some tips to prevent post-pill acne

Calm your mind to prevent rebound

The imbalance created can worsen due to other factors. Among them: stress . What if to limit the risk of rebound, you incorporated certain relaxing activities into your daily life? Activities that could help you combat stress . For example :

  • Spend some time practicing physical activity to encourage the release of endorphins, as they promote your well-being.
  • Try relaxing disciplines like meditation or sophrology to calm your mind .
  • Give yourself breaks and moments just for you.
  • Spend time on things you love and that make you feel good.
  • Take care of the quality of your sleep .
  • Adapt your organization to limit your mental load .


Adjust your diet to reduce inflammation

Your diet, by influencing the general balance of your body, has a direct impact on the appearance of your skin. If you are planning to stop using contraception, it may therefore be interesting to take stock of what is usually on your plates to make some small changes.


But exactly, what are the foods to avoid and favor when dealing with acne ?

  • Since dairy products stimulate androgen production, if your consumption is high, you might consider reducing it a little.
  • Sugar , yes, but in reasonable quantities! Overconsumption of sugar, especially refined sugar, may encourage the development of pimples . For what ? Because in excess in your blood, it causes a spike in insulin, thereby increasing the level of your hormones.
  • Eating enough fruits and vegetables will help you restore and maintain balance in your body. Consider adding some to your plates!
  • Remember to drink enough water! Your internal hydration affects that of your dermis.


Adapt your diet, yes. This indeed plays a determining role in your life balance. However, don't do it drastically! Eating should remain a source of pleasure.

The importance of a balanced diet for the proper functioning of the body

Vary your plates and try to have balanced intakes that meet your dietary needs. And above all, don't forget that:


Balanced diet = quality + variety + pleasure


How to treat acne after the pill?

Even if you prepare your body in advance, it is likely that spots will appear when you stop taking the pill. So, what treatment should we adopt to deal with it ?


Take care of your intestines and digestion with effective food supplements

The artificial hormones released into your body by the pill affect your intestinal flora . This is especially true if you have used this method of contraception for a long time.


How to explain this? In fact, your intestines (and liver) are responsible for eliminating all waste produced or ingested by your body. This also concerns these artificial hormones. Not being natural, they disrupt the proper functioning of your digestion. However, skin microbiota and intestinal microbiota are closely linked ! This therefore affects the quality of your skin.


It will take some time for your body to rebalance. Want to make this process easier ? So take a look at our treatment of food supplements ! Phase I supplements, more concentrated in probiotics , have been specially formulated to help you restore your microbiome and calm skin inflammation. The phase II supplements will then reinforce their action to act in a targeted manner on inflammation.

Our food supplements to regulate your microbiome

Adopt a care routine adapted to your skin and your problems

The care you use for your skin also impacts its quality and appearance. It is therefore important to adopt beauty habits adapted to your dermis and the problems you encounter. For example :

  • Consider using moisturizers to relieve tightness in your skin.
  • Use soothing products to limit and calm inflammation.
  • To reduce spots, opt for treatments that promote cell renewal. Our Anti-Imperfection Serum is your ally to fade scars caused by acne , and to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

Our anti-blemish serum

When stopping the pill more than ever, it is essential to adopt beauty procedures that are truly adapted to your needs .


What solution(s) should be adopted against acne when stopping the pill?

This transition phase can last more or less long. However, certain actions will help you face it with more serenity . For example :

  • Adopt double cleansing

First use a cleansing oil to remove oily impurities (makeup, sebum, etc.), then use a water-based cleanser to remove water-soluble impurities (dust, sweat, etc.). Double cleansing allows you to deeply purify your skin without drying it out or irritating it.


  • Prefer chemical exfoliants to physical scrubs

Chemical exfoliants, such as AHAs (fruit acids) or BHAs (salicylic acid), help rid your skin of dead cells to unclog pores without damaging it. Unlike physical scrubs, they do not cause micro-lesions and provide gentle care . Our anti-imperfection serum also offers you such an exfoliating action .


  • Don't touch your buttons

They itch and you can't help it, you want to touch them to try to get rid of this discomfort. However, crushing them risks spreading their bacteria, aggravating inflammation and even leaving scars. To avoid these complications, let them evolve naturally and treat them with suitable cosmetics. For example, our complete anti-blemish routine will help you soothe this inflammation and reduce the appearance of these spots.

 Complete skincare routine for post-pill acne

  • Use cosmetics suited to your skin type

We don't all have the same skin! Whether yours is oily, combination, dry or sensitive, apply suitable products. This will allow you to hydrate it just right so that it doesn't get irritated or overloaded.


These tips will help you prevent or reduce acne that can occur when you stop taking the birth control pill .


Testimonials from people who have tested The Cosmetist to overcome their acne

The Cosmetist's mission is to offer you a treatment that is as natural as possible to help you overcome your acne. And since our beginnings, many people have already been won over ! See for yourself the change in the quality of their skin:

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Stopping acne pills: the most frequently asked questions

How do you know if your acne is hormonal?

If it appears mainly during fluctuations in hormone levels (menstruation, pregnancy) or on the chin, jaw and neck, then it is likely that it is.


How to “cleanse” your body of the pill?

​​To “cleanse” your body of the pill, simply stop taking it and then be patient. The synthetic hormones it contains will be eliminated naturally by your body. Note, however, that this process is not instantaneous and generally takes several months. It can also be accompanied by side effects, as explained in this article about acne when stopping the pill .


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