The Cosmetist: A perfect synergy between nature and science for your skin

Carefully chosen natural ingredients

Our products celebrate authenticity and purity. Each active ingredient is carefully selected for its natural origin . We take immense pride in using raw materials exclusively from France and Switzerland, thus guaranteeing their exceptional quality . In addition, by being 100% vegan , our solutions are harmoniously suitable for all skin types .

Ethics and responsibility: At the heart of our process

Our commitment to the environment and quality does not stop with the selection of ingredients. We have chosen to collaborate closely with a renowned laboratory located in Valais, Switzerland. This proximity allows us to remain faithful to our values ​​and guarantee a respectful value chain . Our dedication to the planet is also reflected in our fully recyclable packaging .

In&Out: A revolutionary routine for radiant skin

Innovation lies at the heart of The Cosmetist. The In&Out routine was designed to address every external factor that can cause skin imperfections . By combining topical treatments with dietary supplements, we offer a holistic solution that promotes skin health from the inside and out. This comprehensive approach aims not only to treat , but also to prevent , thus ensuring each client returns to glowing skin .