The Cosmetist: A passionate adventure for imperfection-free skin

Lucille Decosne souriant, représentant la force motrice derrière The Cosmetist.

The inspiration behind The Cosmetist

Affected by acne , Lucille Decosne quickly realized that many solutions on the market simply treated the symptoms without addressing the root causes of skin imperfections . Convinced that the beauty of the skin emanates as much from the inside as from the outside, she aspired to a complete, natural and above all innovative response .

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The unique collaboration: Lucille and Anne-Sophie

It was alongside Anne-Sophie, formulation chemist , that the idea took shape. Together, they combined science and nature to develop the In&Out Routine: a unique approach combining food supplements and cutting-edge facial care . This combination aims to guarantee healthy, radiant and blemish-free skin for the long term .

Lancement de The Cosmetist grâce au financement participatif

An adventure guided by passion and community support

The path to realizing this vision was not without pitfalls. But, driven by an unwavering passion and the conviction of providing a natural and effective solution, Lucille and Anne-Sophie have never wavered.

Their project was made possible thanks to the incredible support of their community . By initiating a crowdfunding campaign, they measured the real enthusiasm around their initiative, thus confirming its importance and its unique place on the market .

A commitment to sublime skin

Today, The Cosmetist is not just about simple products. It's a mission , a commitment : to offer everyone the opportunity to regain radiant and healthy skin, through natural means.

By offering in-depth education on the benefits of natural components , through workshops, webinars and fruitful interactions with the community, Lucille and her team are constantly involved, sharing and evolving.

Many thanks to our first contributors

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