Traitez votre acné durablement avec un traitement à l’approche holistique

Treat your acne sustainably with a treatment with a holistic approach

Traditional treatments VS holistic acne treatments: how to navigate?

Have you ever gone to the pharmacy to look for the umpteenth miracle treatment that will make your acne disappear?

Have you tried all possible and unimaginable anti-blemish creams, local treatments, lotions, patches and sebum-regulating products, without any results?

Scoop of the day: it's normal that it didn't work. And we'll explain why in this article.


Traditional anti-acne treatments: a waste of time…and money

Traditionally, acne was treated without taking into account the multiple factors that cause it. It was recommended to use only cosmetics for acne-prone skin or only oral treatments were prescribed (pill supposed to reduce acne, or Roacutane, now Curacne).

As a bonus, we could receive some advice on our diet, but nothing more.

Result of the races: we observed a slight improvement in the condition of our skin (if we were lucky). Or when the treatment was effective, the acne immediately came back as soon as the treatment was stopped.

In addition, certain traditional treatments are not respectful of the skin, rarely natural and healthy for your health. It is not uncommon for them to cause complications (drying of the skin and mucous membranes, allergic reactions, etc.). However, it is not necessary to attack your skin and body to get rid of acne. On the contrary, it must be taken care of.

When we have acne, it's our body sending us a message. Indeed, acne indicates a physical or psychological dysfunction (or both). Don't panic, these are often benign dysfunctions which can be treated quite easily (by better stress management, an anti-inflammatory diet, changing or stopping a drug treatment, or a more adapted skincare routine by example).

Yes, acne is always caused by several factors which, taken together, cause an overproduction of sebum, an inflammatory state of the skin and the appearance of pimples. This is why, if we want to treat it correctly, a traditional approach is not enough.

This is where the holistic approach to acne comes in!


Acne treatments with a holistic approach: the key to lasting control


To treat this skin disease of acne , one must understand the importance of a holistic approach in its treatment. With a holistic approach to acne , we take into account all the causes of acne to treat it in its entirety and over time.

A holistic anti-acne method considers all the causes, which can be*:

  • A hormonal imbalance
  • Comedogenic cosmetics / unsuitable beauty routine
  • A diet that promotes the inflammatory state
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Pollution…

You see ? These factors are both internal and external. To make acne disappear effectively and in the long term, the best solution is to opt for an in & out treatment, directly inspired by holism.

The solution: The Cosmetist holistic treatment

Convinced of the effectiveness of holistic acne treatments, The Cosmetist has created an effective and natural cure. Yes, you will FINALLY be able to see real results. And this, with natural, gentle, healthy products that are respectful of sensitive and acne-prone skin.

We present to you the In & Out The Cosmetist treatment , a clean and global treatment against acne, which is suitable for women and men, teenagers and adults. A natural and holistic cure for healthier, long-term skin!

Ethics and responsibility: At the heart of our process

For the “In” side: We have developed completely natural food supplements which act in two stages. The first phase helps rebalance the microbiome and stop skin inflammation, while the second reduces skin inflammation.

Each box contains 30 capsules. In 2 months, your skin is healthier and has fewer imperfections.

Ingredients from the best of nature:

  • The artichoke
  • The root of the turmeric plant
  • Burdock artichoke or burdock root

Our recommendations for use: take one capsule once a day with a glass of water, in the morning upon waking up.

For the “Out” side: It’s our anti-imperfection serum that takes action! We warn you, its fruity smell is to die for...

It is an exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing serum, which is perfectly suited to combination to oily skin. It even makes acne spots and scars disappear over time.

Our instructions for use: Apply the serum to your face every evening on clean, dry skin. Massage your face until the product is absorbed. Once your skin has absorbed the product, you can apply your night cream, or a simple, non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizing cream.


And There you go ! We obtain a clean, effective routine adapted to sensitive skin prone to imperfections.

Carefully chosen natural ingredients

Our 6 bonus tips to increase the impact of our treatment on your skin


The treatment of acne requires adopting a global approach , in order to prevent symptoms and treat them as best as possible.

Alongside our treatment, we invite you to:

  • Think about the psychological factor and how to soothe it (chronic stress and anxiety are the enemies of healthy skin. They are triggering and/or aggravating factors for acne). Why not follow psychotherapy, hypnosis sessions, turn to naturopathy, try CBD, or do simple breathing exercises to start?
  • Opt for an anti-inflammatory diet (rich in fatty fish, nuts, red fruits, or buckwheat for example), and avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as gluten, lactose and processed foods.
  • Avoid touching your face and your pimples, do not pierce them! Avoid hiding pimples under layers of makeup as much as possible, in order to let them breathe.
  • Use clean cosmetic products, without endocrine disruptors, non-comedogenic.
  • Have yourself monitored regularly by a doctor and a dermatologist.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase and change the pillowcase at least twice a week (because pillows are breeding grounds for bacteria). Silk is a natural antibacterial and regenerating fiber. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, the skin rests on a softer and more hygienic surface, thus limiting the appearance of imperfections and avoiding over-inflammation of the skin.

The condition of our skin is a reflection of our lifestyle, our physical health, as well as our mental state. If you have acne spots and oily skin, you need:

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*Non-exhaustive list of causes

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