Acné visage : que révèlent les boutons selon la zone du visage ?

Face acne: what do pimples reveal depending on the area of ​​the face?

Face acne: what do pimples reveal depending on the area of ​​the face?

Face acne: what do pimples reveal depending on the area of ​​the face?

Do you have acne on your face? Did you know that depending on the area of ​​the pimple(s), the appearance factors are different? Discover here all the mysteries of acne on the face and how to try to say goodbye to these pimples.


Everything you need to know about facial acne!

Did you know ? For 95% of acne sufferers, the face is the most affected part of the body.


Acne, what is it exactly?

Acne is a fairly common dermatological disorder. In the majority of cases, it is observed at puberty, but it can be present in adults . It can be more or less severe. Several causes can explain an outbreak of acne, especially on the face: diet, stress, lifestyle... The pimples then appear following the development of bacteria, excessive sebum secretion, or even because of the obstruction of the pilosebaceous follicle.


Face-mapping to better understand acne on the face

Have you ever heard of “face-mapping”? Also called "face mapping", this technique consists of dividing the face into several areas: forehead, nose, cheeks, temples, chin, jawbones, between the eyebrows. Face-mapping is inspired by Chinese medicine. According to her, an area of ​​the face is linked to an organ of the human body. Thus, a button visible in a specific place evokes a dysfunction of a specific organ.


Pimples on the face: why and how to get rid of them?

The presence of pimples on your face is not random… They reveal a lot about us! Then discover the meaning of pimples and try to limit acne breakouts by adopting the right actions on a daily basis.


Face pimple meaning by area

Here are the mysteries of the pimples on your face according to their location:

  • Do you have pimples on your cheeks? Several causes are possible. In the majority of cases, acne on the cheeks is linked to a respiratory problem, and more specifically to the lungs. If you are a smoker, your pimples on the cheeks can be explained by cigarette smoking. If you don't smoke, acne on the cheeks may be due to inhaled pollution. Liver or stomach problems can also explain the presence of these pimples. Stress is also an element favoring acne on the cheeks.
    If you have pimples on the bottom of your cheeks, it may be due to overeating. Avoid eating too fatty, too salty or sweet. A poor lifestyle can also be an explanatory factor. Bacteria are present on your phone, in contact with your skin, in your home on the sheets… So be sure to regularly clean the objects in contact with your cheeks (phone, make-up brushes, sheets…) and ventilate your interior regularly.


  • Forehead acne may indicate a problem with the digestive system. The elimination of toxins can be difficult because of too fatty food, hence the appearance of pimples. Opt for a healthier diet. If you wear bangs, white pimples can also appear on your forehead: the hair promotes more intense sebum production and pores that have trouble breathing well.


  • Pimples between the eyebrows are linked to the liver. It is therefore advisable to limit your alcohol consumption. Then consider a detoxifying cure for your liver. You can drink lemon juice in hot water in the morning before breakfast. Pimples between the eyebrows can also be a sign of food intolerance or a possible allergy (dairy products, etc.). It is possible to carry out The Cosmetist Phase II treatment for a successful detox. These food supplements, based on artichoke and burdock, eliminate the toxins responsible for acne and regulate sebum production.


  • Acne on the nose is associated with the heart and pancreas. The presence of pimples in this place is often a sign of poor nutrition. It is therefore advisable to eat healthily, and in priority fish and fruits.


  • If you have pimples on your temples, your kidneys are sending you a sign. Stay well hydrated and eat a diet that is not too high in salt to avoid water retention. Water, tea, infusion... must become your best friends! Remember to drink at least 1.5 L of water a day.


  • Pimples on the jaws are linked to hormones (hormonal acne). These skin disorders can also be caused by food intolerances: gluten, cow's milk...


  • Chin acne is associated with the stomach. In this case, adopt a diet richer in fiber for easier digestion and good transit.


Acne and diet: the key to the secret

Processed products, dairy products or white flour should be avoided to fight acne. Other foods, on the other hand, are to be preferred for the well-being of your skin: fruits, vegetables, oily fish and much more. To learn a little more about the best diet to avoid the development of pimples, discover advice on the diet to favor for acne ! ( )


Facial care and other tips to say goodbye to acne

To limit the pimples on your face, a few actions are to be adopted. Be sure to live in a clean, well-ventilated environment to avoid exposure to bacteria. Take up sport for your well-being and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

Finally, remember to set up a skin routine to pamper your face (cleanse your skin, moisturize it, etc.). Discover the complete In&Out The Comestist routine , made up of a serum and food supplements, which can act on all the causes of skin imperfections.


If you suffer from severe acne, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist so that he can carry out an assessment of your skin and advise you on a personalized treatment, adapted to your skin.

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